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Azula's Ship Captain

Biographical information
Nationality Fire Nation
Age Middle-aged
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Personal Information
Allies Azula, Royal Procession, Fire Nation
Enemies Zuko, Iroh, ricky, chad
Chronological and political information

Royal Ship Captain


Fire Nation Navy

First Appearance

The Avatar State

Voiced By Robin Atkin Downes

The captain of one of the Fire Nation's most impressive vessels, this man has a lot of stress placed on his soldiers. It is unknown how long he has been serving Azula or the Royal Procession.

[edit] HistoryEdit

When Zuko and Iroh are branded traitors by Fire Lord Ozai, he travels with the princess to capture them. Days before they find the traitors, he informs Azula that the tides will not allow them to bring the ship in before nightfall. Azula asks if the tides command the ship, to which he does not understand. Azula makes it quite clear that she is the one in charge of the ship, and doesn't care about the tides. She then tells him that if she were to throw him overboard, the tides would kill him without a care, as opposed to her, who's still mulling the idea over. Frightened, he leaves to bring the ship in.

[edit] Battle with the traitorsEdit

When Azula successfully tricks Zuko and Iroh into the charade that her father wants them back, everything goes perfectly, until her captain mistakingly says, "Raise the anchors, we're taking the prisoners ho-!" Zuko and Iroh immediately realize whats going on, and Azula shoots the captain a deadly glare. Zuko pushes him of the ship and prepares to attack Azula. Even though Zuko is no match for Azula, Iroh catches her off guard and throws her off the ship after defeating all her guards, letting them escape.

[edit] AftermathEdit

It is possible that the captain was killed when Zuko threw him overboard, however, it is more likely that he survived, but was removed from the Royal Procession simply due to him being too incompetent. Due to his and the rest of the Royal Guards failure to capture Zuko and Iroh, Azula decided to have her two friends, Mai and Ty Lee, who were much more competent and skilled than the Royal Guards, help her capture her brother and uncle. Retrieved from ""Category: Fire Nation charactersAdd category